Mødedato: 26-02-2020

Digital Disruption in Banking and its Impacton Competition


The report, by Professor Xavier Vives (IESE Business School) surveys technological disruption in banking, examining its impact on competition and its potential to increase efficiency and customer welfare. It analyzes the possible strategies of the players involved—incumbents and FinTech and BigTech firms—and the role of regulation. The industry is facing radical transformation and restructuring, as well as a move toward a customer-centric platform-based model. Competition will increase as new players enter the industry, but the long-term impact is more open. Regulation will decisively influence to what extent BigTech will enter the industry and who the dominant players will be. The challenge for regulators will be to keep a level playing field that strikes the right balance between fostering innovation and preserving financial stability. Consumer protection concerns rise to the forefront. This is a revised version of the paper prepared for an OECD Competition Committee roundtable held on 5 June 2019.